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Virtual Archery

A Team consisting of Virtual Reality and Game Design students started a project aimed at bringing the field of archery to the digital world. They worked on creating a medieval themed virtual bow shooting experience using Real Space Trackers and Oculus Rift to create a cutting edge immersive experience. The project originated from a vision to create a virtual archery experience and trying to achieve as much as an immersive experience as possible. This would be built around the concept of freedom, getting rid of everything constricting and giving the user complete freedom to move around and be immersed inside the simulation. A lot of Virtual Reality hardware today is still using a lot of wires because of the unreliability of wireless technology. We took the leap and created a wireless Oculus Rift to increase freedom and immersion.

This game was later rewarded with the Dutch Game Award for Best Technical Achievement.

Roy Noten
Tim van Wankum
Alexander Arends
Samantha Schoonen
Menno Bischops
Vince Houbraken